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Swag Bucks.

Wanna add me, perhaps? Going for that Amazon gift card.


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I wish.

I wish.

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Selling shit.

So, to help out on paying for a wedding (it’s $60 bucks for a marriage license, but I’, a girly girl so I need a cute outfit too :D) and christmas and clean out some of the clutter I’ve accumulated (I hate looking like a pack rat…) I’ve gathered all of my clothes that are worth selling. Most of them are American Eagle and Charlotte Rousse, I’m taking a lot of it to the flea market but I have everything from button ups to tees, some purses and anything you could possibly imagine, if you’re interested please message me or email me at aikens@hotmail.com or get up with me on facebook Ashlie Aikens Phd (the Phd is so certain people can’t find me.) Also I have a twitter or just message me on here. I will gladly send you a picture of something, there’s just SO much that I’m not going to be able to take pictures of it all. Besides, the clothes are in really good condition, I just never wear them and my mom is constantly buying me other stuff.

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this movie &lt;3

this movie <3

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cosmo tip #422



For a more erotic feeling, drink his cum through a bendy straw.


that can’t be erotic.

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rainy day.

it’s raining, Mikey’s napping, I’m cooking, Leonidas is being a sweetie, one day closer to marrying my love. It’s a good day.

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