i live for swanson giggles

that scream laugh from the lil sebastian episode kills me

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no but srsly “humans aren’t meant to be monogamous” is a lazy bogus argument

like humans weren’t MEANT to fly or have the internet but oh look welcome to the fucking future where that shit is possible and some people want to enjoy that so lay the fuck off

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Swag Bucks.

Wanna add me, perhaps? Going for that Amazon gift card.


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I wish.

I wish.

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Selling shit.

So, to help out on paying for a wedding (it’s $60 bucks for a marriage license, but I’, a girly girl so I need a cute outfit too :D) and christmas and clean out some of the clutter I’ve accumulated (I hate looking like a pack rat…) I’ve gathered all of my clothes that are worth selling. Most of them are American Eagle and Charlotte Rousse, I’m taking a lot of it to the flea market but I have everything from button ups to tees, some purses and anything you could possibly imagine, if you’re interested please message me or email me at aikens@hotmail.com or get up with me on facebook Ashlie Aikens Phd (the Phd is so certain people can’t find me.) Also I have a twitter or just message me on here. I will gladly send you a picture of something, there’s just SO much that I’m not going to be able to take pictures of it all. Besides, the clothes are in really good condition, I just never wear them and my mom is constantly buying me other stuff.

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this movie &lt;3

this movie <3

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cosmo tip #422



For a more erotic feeling, drink his cum through a bendy straw.


that can’t be erotic.

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